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Dispute Resolution for Smart Contract-based Two-Party Protocols
SmartJudge is introduced, an extensible generalization of this trend for smart contract-based two-party protocols that relies on a protocol-independent mediator smart contract that moderates two- party interactions and only consults protocol-specific verifier smart contracts in case of a dispute. Expand
Secure Low Latency Communication for Constrained Industrial IoT Scenarios
It is shown that antedated encryption and data authentication with templates enables IoT devices to meet both, security and low latency requirements and offload significant security processing to a preprocessing phase and thus decrease latency during actual transmission by up to 75.9 %. Expand
QWIN: Facilitating QoS in Wireless Industrial Networks Through Cooperation
QWIN is investigated, a novel approach that leverages this cooperative nature of industrial scenarios by enabling the stations to share the scarce transmission resources by offload their priority queues into the network and share them according to the quality-of-service requirements imposed by the overlying industrial applications. Expand
Poster: Facilitating Protocol-independent Industrial Intrusion Detection Systems
Cyber-physical systems are increasingly threatened by sophisticated attackers, also attacking the physical aspect of systems. Supplementing protective measures, industrial intrusion detection systemsExpand
Facilitating Protocol-independent Industrial Intrusion Detection Systems
This work identifies existing universally applicable intrusion detection approaches and proposes a transcription for industrial protocols to realize protocol-independent semantic intrusion detection on top of different industrial protocols. Expand
Take a Bite of the Reality Sandwich: Revisiting the Security of Progressive Message Authentication Codes
This paper proposes R2-D2, which relies on optimal message dependencies, parametrizable security guarantees, randomized bit dependencies, and optional immediate protection bits to address the problem of packet drops in resource-constrained devices. Expand