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Downregulation of the miR-143/145 microRNA (miRNA) cluster has been repeatedly reported in colon cancer and other epithelial tumors. In addition, overexpression of these miRNAs inhibits tumorigenesis, leading to broad consensus that they function as cell-autonomous epithelial tumor suppressors. We generated mice with deletion of miR-143/145 to investigate(More)
Bacterial and viral mRNAs are often polycistronic. Akin to alternative splicing, alternative translation of polycistronic messages is a mechanism to generate protein diversity and regulate gene function. Although a few examples exist, the use of polycistronic messages in mammalian cells is not widely appreciated. Here we report an example of alternative(More)
Transposable element (TE) expression is generally silent in somatic tissues, due to significant genomic methylation and other redundant methods of silencing. Cancer tissues, however, exhibit a marked decrease in methylation throughout the genome, which can result in de-repression of transposable element transcription. Because of this phenomenon , TEs may be(More)
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