Eric W Frey

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BACKGROUND Retraction, atrophy and fatty infiltration are signs subsequent to chronic rotator cuff tendon tears. They are associated with an increased pennation angle and a shortening of the muscle fibers in series. These deleterious changes of the muscular architecture are not reversible with current repair techniques and are the main factors for failed(More)
Mechanical force is present in all aspects of living systems. It affects the conformation of molecules, the shape of cells, and the morphology of tissues. All of these are crucial in architecture-dependent biological functions. Nanoscience of advanced materials has provided knowledge and techniques that can be used to understand how mechanical force is(More)
PURPOSE Mild slipped capital femoral epiphyses (SCFE) nevertheless show significant femoral head-neck deformities which may put cartilage and acetabular labrum at risk. Whether this deformity can be restored to normal has not yet been described in the literature. METHODS In a prospective follow-up study, 14 patients with mild SCFE underwent in situ(More)
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