Eric W Cochran

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We report the design, synthesis, morphology, phase behavior, and mechanical properties of semicrystalline, polyolefin-based block copolymers. By using living, stereoselective insertion polymerization catalysts, syndiotactic polypropylene-block-poly(ethylene-co-propylene)-block-syndiotactic polypropylene and isotactic polypropylene-block-regioirregular(More)
This paper describes DAQ++, a C++ based framework for developing data acquisition software. The design of DAQ++ is fully object oriented (OO) and provides a hierarchy of objects that allow a full control of the acquisition system and, also, on-line monitoring and storage of data. Being an OO system, it is easy to extend the DAQ system over several machines(More)
Biopolymers have been used throughout history; however, in the last two centuries they have seen a decrease in their utilization as the proliferation of inexpensive and mass-produced materials from petrochemical feedstocks quickly became better-suited to meeting society's needs. In recent years, high petroleum prices and the concern of society to adopt(More)
This paper reports the characterization of a detector module, the building block to be used for the MADEIRA PET probe prototype. The prototype will be used in synchronization with a conventional PET ring, amplifying the basic image with a subset of events with high spatial resolution. For image improvement, the crucial parameters are the spatial and timing(More)
Very high resolution images can be achieved in small animal PET systems utilizing solid state silicon detectors (Compton PET). In such systems with sub-millimeter intrinsic resolutions, the range of the positron is the largest contribution to image blur. The size of the positron range effect depends on the initial positron energy and hence the radioactive(More)
A tricontinuous (10,3)c network phase is documented in a poly(cyclohexylethylene-b-ethylethylene-b-ethylene) triblock copolymer melt based on small-angle x-ray scattering. Application of shear transforms the self-assembled soft material into a single crystal (10,3)d network while preserving the short-range threefold connector geometry. Long-range(More)
Detection and spectroscopy tests of the first functional unit of a self-dependent silicon detection module constructed on the base of micro-cable and TAB technology are presented. The tests were performed using pulse-height analysis of the signals induced by gamma rays in the silicon sensor. Good shapes of the spectra and satisfactory spectroscopy(More)
Asphalt binder is typically modified with poly type (styrene-butadiene-styrene or SBS) polymers to improve its rheological properties and performance grade. The elastic and principal component of SBS polymers is butadiene. For the last decade, butadiene prices have fluctuated and significantly increased, leading state highway agencies to search for(More)
Our ultimate goal is to provide continuously updated 3-dimensional reconstructed PET images during surgery that are re-projected in real time onto a plane whose orientation is driven by a tracking device. The intra-operative PET imaging probe system can be viewed as a handheld, clinician-guided camera capable of seeing the distribution of the radiotracer.(More)
The CDF II level 1 track trigger system reconstructs charged tracks in the plane transverse to the beam direction. The track trigger electronics uses the hit data from the 4 axial layers of the CDF II central outer tracking chamber, and has been recently upgraded to include the complementary information from the 3 stereo layers. Together with the existing(More)