Eric Vervisch

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The regulatory sequence analysis tools (RSAT, is a software suite that integrates a wide collection of modular tools for the detection of cis-regulatory elements in genome sequences. The suite includes programs for sequence retrieval, pattern discovery, phylogenetic footprint detection, pattern matching, genome scanning and(More)
This protocol shows how to access the Regulatory Sequence Analysis Tools (RSAT) via a programmatic interface in order to automate the analysis of multiple data sets. We describe the steps for writing a Perl client that connects to the RSAT Web services and implements a workflow to discover putative cis-acting elements in promoters of gene clusters. In the(More)
We examined several cultured murine T cell lymphomas, induced by a radiation leukemia virus MuRadLV, including cell lines derived from immature T cells (5 clones of the BL/VL3 cell line), antigen-specific T helper cells (5 lines of the TL2 series), and one T cytotoxic cell line (NS8). With one exception (the TL2-9 cell line), these cells showed common(More)
We characterized a new type of vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) receptors in the CD4+ Stanford University Pediatric (SUP)-T1 lymphoma cell line, by comparing receptor occupancy [in the presence of (125I)helodermin and (125I)(acetyl-His1)VIP] and adenylate cyclase activation (in the presence of GTP). The order of potency of peptides on both parameters(More)
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