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The regulatory sequence analysis tools (RSAT, http://rsat.ulb.ac.be/rsat/) is a software suite that integrates a wide collection of modular tools for the detection of cis-regulatory elements in genome sequences. The suite includes programs for sequence retrieval, pattern discovery, phylogenetic footprint detection, pattern matching, genome scanning and(More)
We examined several cultured murine T cell lymphomas, induced by a radiation leukemia virus MuRadLV, including cell lines derived from immature T cells (5 clones of the BL/VL3 cell line), antigen-specific T helper cells (5 lines of the TL2 series), and one T cytotoxic cell line (NS8). With one exception (the TL2-9 cell line), these cells showed common(More)
This protocol shows how to access the Regulatory Sequence Analysis Tools (RSAT) via a programmatic interface in order to automate the analysis of multiple data sets. We describe the steps for writing a Perl client that connects to the RSAT Web services and implements a workflow to discover putative cis-acting elements in promoters of gene clusters. In the(More)
We characterized a new type of vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) receptors in the CD4+ Stanford University Pediatric (SUP)-T1 lymphoma cell line, by comparing receptor occupancy [in the presence of (125I)helodermin and (125I)(acetyl-His1)VIP] and adenylate cyclase activation (in the presence of GTP). The order of potency of peptides on both parameters(More)
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