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The preference of female songbirds for particular traits in the songs of courting males has received considerable attention, but the relationship of preferred traits to male quality is poorly understood. Female domestic canaries (Serinus canaria, Linnaeus) preferentially solicit copulation with males that sing special high repetition rate, wide-band,(More)
We studied the mechanism of song production in the outbred common or domestic canary (Serinus canaria). The contribution that each side of the syrinx makes to song was investigated by observing the effect of unilaterally occluding the left or right primary bronchus, followed by section of the ipsilateral branch of the tracheosyringeal nerve. In other birds(More)
The salience of a short conspecific song phrase versus a long one or a short heterospecific song phrase was tested in females of the common domesticated canary (Serinus canaria). All phrases were computer-edited. The copulation solicitation displays (CSD) served as an index of female responses. The results support the hypothesis that female canaries are(More)
The challenge hypothesis predicts that plasma testosterone (T) concentration is high when male-male competitions are high and decreases when males are engaged in paternal care. In monogamous species, T concentration increases at the beginning of the breeding period and decreases after egg laying. According to the challenge hypothesis, increasing competition(More)
Female domesticated canaries (Serinus canaria) respond to conspecific song with copulation solicitation display (CSD) between 22 and 27 days after their first offspring has hatched. This period could be used to investigate the acoustical preferences of female canaries. This non-invasive method respects the natural reproductive cycle and could be an(More)
In 1278, Yemeni troops conquered the city of øafār (Fig. 1). They were sent by the Rasūlid sultan al-Muúaffar, son of the founder of the Rasūlid dynasty which dominated South-West Arabia until the middle of the fifteenth century.(1) The Rasūlid court historian al-¿azrajī describes the victory: “And when the sultan, may God have mercy on him, conquered the(More)
We tested the sexual responsiveness of female canaries,Serinus canaria, to two sets of different types of male conspecific songs. In each set, three of the male songs had been recorded in a young bird which was isolated at an early age from conspecifics. Each bird was recorded during three stages of the song ontogeny (early plastic songs, late plastic songs(More)
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