Eric Ueda

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S179D prolactin (PRL) is an experimentally useful mimic of naturally phosphorylated human prolactin. S179D PRL, but not unmodified PRL, was found to be anti-angiogenic in both the chorioallantoic membrane and corneal assays. Further investigation using human endothelial in vitro models showed reduced cell number, reduced tubule formation in Matrigel, and(More)
Glycine receptor (GlyR) was expressed in Xenopus oocytes by injecting rat brain mRNA. Glycine (Gly)-elicited responses in the oocyte were measured by the voltage-clamping method. The following measurements were made to establish the relationship between Gly concentration and the current: 1) Gly-induced membrane current before desensitization, 2) Gly-induced(More)
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