Eric Trimpin

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Solenoids are important components of robotic drumming systems and several designs have been proposed. In this paper, we compare different designs in terms of speed and dynamic range and discuss the tradeoffs involved. The evaluation is performed in the context of MahaDeviBot, a custom built 12-armed MIDI controlled mechanical device that performs a variety(More)
This paper describes a system enabling a human to perform music with a robot in real-time, in the context of North Indian classical music. We modify a traditional acoustic sitar into a hyperinstrument in order to capture performance gestures for musical analysis. A custom built four-armed robotic Indian drummer was built using a microchip, solenoids,(More)
This paper describes the KarmetiK NotomotoN, a new musical robotic system for performance and education. A long time goal of the authors has been to provide users with plug-andplay, highly expressive musical robot system with a high degree of portability. This paper describes the technical details of the NotomotoN, and discusses its use in performance and(More)
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