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Histone variants are non-allelic protein isoforms that play key roles in diversifying chromatin structure. The known number of such variants has greatly increased in recent years, but the lack of naming conventions for them has led to a variety of naming styles, multiple synonyms and misleading homographs that obscure variant relationships and complicate(More)
Encryption plays an essential role in protecting the privacy of electronic information against threats from a variety o f p o t e n tial attackers. In so doing, modern cryptography employs a combination of conventional or symmetric cryptographic systems for encrypting data and public key or asymmetric systems for managing the keys used by the symmetric(More)
  • Simon Henriet, Sara Sumic, Carlette Doufoundou-Guilengui, Marit Flo Jensen, Camille Grandmougin, Kateryna Fal +3 others
  • 2015
Selective pressure to maintain small genome size implies control of transposable elements, and most old classes of retrotransposons are indeed absent from the very compact genome of the tunicate Oikopleura dioica. Nonetheless, two families of retrotransposons are present, including the Tor elements. The gene organization within Tor elements is similar to(More)
An extension of the auditory module in EPIC is introduced to model the two-talker coordinate response measure (CRM) listening task. The construct of an auditory stream is employed as an object in the working memory of EPIC's cognitive processor. Production rules are developed that execute the two-talker CRM task. Analysis of these rules reveal two sources(More)
A testbed for evaluation of online distributed simulations of transportation system infrastructures is described that includes a modest portion of an urban road network in the midtown region of Atlanta, Georgia. The testbed includes sensors, servers, wireless communications, and mobile transportation simulations configured to model the testbed region. The(More)
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