Eric T. Lagally

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A monolithic integrated DNA analysis system comprised of microfluidic valves and vents, PCR amplification chambers, and capillary electrophoretic separation channels has been microfabricated in a glass sandwich structure. Valves and hydrophobic vents provide controlled and sensorless sample loading into 280 nl PCR chambers; the low volume reactor and the(More)
Stochastic PCR amplification of single DNA template molecules followed by capillary electrophoretic (CE) analysis of the products is demonstrated in an integrated microfluidic device. The microdevice consists of submicroliter PCR chambers etched into a glass substrate that are directly connected to a microfabricated CE system. Valves and hydrophobic vents(More)
We have directly integrated a continuous-flow, electrokinetic method of bacterial cell concentration with room temperature, sequence-specific genetic detection. The system we have developed traps cells from a continuous-flow sample stream via dielectrophoresis, providing a 160-fold increase in cell concentration. PDMS microvalves then define a 100 nL volume(More)
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