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This paper presents the results of a meta-analysis of the literature on multinational companies and productivity spillovers. Studies in this literature examine spillovers usually within the framework of an econometric analysis in which labour productivity in domestic firms is regressed on a number of covariates assumed to have an effect on productivity, one(More)
The aim of this paper is to analyse the impact of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on firm productivity using an establishment-level panel of Spanish manufacturing industry that spans the period 1990-1994. The key question concerns the elements that enable domestic firms to capture the positive spillovers associated with the presence of foreign firms. We use(More)
We examine the role of trends in rainfall in the poor growth performance of sub-Saharan African nations relative to other developing countries. To do so we use a new crosscountry panel climatic data set in an empirical economic growth framework. Our results show that rainfall has been a significant determinant of poor economic growth for Africa, but not for(More)
Productivity Effects of International Outsourcing: Evidence from Plant Level Data* We investigate the impact of international outsourcing on productivity using plant level data for Irish manufacturing. Specifically, we distinguish the effect of outsourcing of materials from services inputs. Moreover, we examine whether the impact on productivity is(More)
There have been many tests of the convergence hypothesis yielding many different estimates of b (the speed of convergence). Narrative reviews of the convergence literature hint at possible reasons for the study-to-study variation in the value of b, but such reviews are selective and informal. In contrast, meta-regression analysis provides a more formal and(More)
While there has been a large empirical literature on productivity spillovers from foreign to domestic firms this literature treats the channels through which these spillover effects work as a black box. This paper attempts to fill this gap in the literature. Our results suggest that firms which are run by owners that worked for multinationals in the same(More)
Foreign Direct Investment, Agglomerations and Demonstration Effects: An Empirical Investigation* Many previous studies have shown that the localization of firms can be an important factor in attracting new foreign direct investment into a host country. What has been missing in this literature thus far, however, is an investigation into the reasons why(More)
  • Paolo Naticchioni, Gilles Duranton, +7 authors Renato Santelia
  • 2006
Using a matched employer-employee database for Italy we look at the spatial distribution of wages across provinces. This rich database allows us to contribute at opening the black box of agglomeration economies exploiting the micro dimension of the interaction among economic agents, both individuals and firms. We provide evidence that firm size and(More)
We investigate the role that climatic change has played in the pattern of urbanization in sub-Saharan African countries compared to the rest of the developing world. To this end we assemble a cross-country panel data set that allows us to estimate the determinants of urbanization. The results of our econometric analysis suggest that climatic change, as(More)