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This study characterizes the cue properties of quinpirole (LY 171555), a selective D2 agonist, and the blocking capabilities of spiperone, a selective D2 antagonist. After rats were trained to discriminate 0.025 mg/kg quinpirole from distilled water, a dose-response curve and time course of the quinpirole discriminative stimulus were determined. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare racing performance before and after prosthetic laryngoplasty for treatment of laryngeal neuropathy in inexperienced and experienced Thoroughbred racehorses. DESIGN Retrospective study. ANIMALS 52 Thoroughbred racehorses treated with prosthetic laryngoplasty for laryngeal neuropathy. PROCEDURE Lifetime race records were analyzed by(More)
This article explores the design and construction of a geo-spatial Internet web service application from the host web site perspective and from the perspective of an application using the web service. The TerraService.NET web service was added to the popular TerraServer database and web site with no major structural changes to the database. The article(More)
Macroderoides texanus n. sp. is described based on 16 specimens collected from the intestine of the North American alligator gar, Atractosteus spatula. Of the five established species of Macroderoides, the new species is morphologically most similar to Macroderoides spiniferus and Macroderoides trilobatus. M. texanus n. sp. differs from M. spiniferus by(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a statistical model to evaluate the influence of specific parameters on racing performance in Thoroughbreds. DESIGN Survey. SAMPLE POPULATION Racing records of Thoroughbreds performing in Louisiana from 1981 to 1985. PROCEDURE Race results for 20 randomly selected days from 5 racetracks during 5 years were analyzed, using(More)
Antimicrobial treatment is associated with the spread of antimicrobial resistance and disturbances in the ecological balance of intestinal microbiota. In horses, the main adverse effect of antimicrobial treatment is colitis. We used culture and 16S rRNA gene based molecular methods to monitor the prevalence of antimicrobial resistance and changes in(More)
n Tha nature of application development has changed radically with the maturity of its tools and environments, which give applications access to common resources that previously had to be programmed into them. Standards for language syntax and semantic processing, data access, and data transfer are paving the way toward a true open systems environment. in(More)
A few simple rules guide the design of Web services such as TerraService, a geospatial service added to Microsoft's popular TerraServer database. By sticking to standards-based tools, the authors were able to implement the Web service with no major structural changes to the database. Because it conforms to the "1-to-10 Kbytes in one second" guideline,(More)
REASON FOR PERFORMING STUDY Dynamic laryngeal collapse (DLC) associated with poll flexion is a newly diagnosed upper respiratory tract obstructive disorder that causes poor racing performance. OBJECTIVES To determine if Norwegian Coldblooded Trotters (NCTs) affected with DLC associated with poll flexion differ from normal, elite NCTs based on simple(More)