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Vaccines prevent infectious disease largely by inducing protective neutralizing antibodies against vulnerable epitopes. Several major pathogens have resisted traditional vaccine development, although vulnerable epitopes targeted by neutralizing antibodies have been identified for several such cases. Hence, new vaccine design methods to induce(More)
KEY POINTS Activation of NMDA receptors (NMDARs) is essential for encoding visual stimuli into signals for the brain, although their over-activation can cause cell death. The recruitment of NMDARs is important for encoding light intensity in retinal ganglion cells. D-serine binding is essential for proper activation of NMDARs, although its role in signal(More)
As the pixel size of CMOS image sensors (CIS) shrink, problems associated with crosstalk become more severe for devices built using mainstream CMOS processing. This high crosstalk increases the amount of noise added to the final image (via an increase of the off-diagonal terms in the color correction matrix (CCM)) and degrades the modulation transfer(More)
A growing number of projects are solving complex computational and scientific tasks by soliciting human feedback through games. Many games with a purpose focus on generating textual tags for images. In contrast, we introduce a new game, Odd Leaf Out, which provides players with an enjoyable and educational game that serves the purpose of identifying(More)
Maritime ships operating on-board illumination at night appear as point sources of light to highly sensitive low-light imagers on-board environmental satellites. Unlike city lights or lights from offshore gas platforms, whose locations remain stationary from one night to the next, lights from ships typically are ephemeral. Fishing boat lights are most(More)
s During the last peak of the solar activity cycle, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the spatial and temporal variations of the equatorial ionosphere had a significant impact on the measurement accuracy of the ARPA Long-Range Tracking and Instrumentation Radar (ALTAIR) at the Kwajalein Missile Range (KMR), primarily because of poorly modeled ionospheric(More)
During the early winter of 2002 and late winter of 2007, the Alaskan sector of the North Pacific Ocean region experienced record-breaking temperature anomalies. The duration of these episodes was unusually long, with each lasting more than 1 month: 55 days for the warm anomaly of October–December 2002 and 37 days for the cold anomaly of February–March 2007.(More)
Visible/Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) Imagery from the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (S-NPP) satellite is the finest spatial resolution (375 m) multi-spectral imagery of any operational meteorological satellite to date. The Imagery environmental data record (EDR) has been designated as a Key Performance Parameter (KPP) for VIIRS,(More)
Le concept d'apprentissage se situe à la confluence de nombreux champs d'étude (la gestion de projet, le changement organisationnel, l'innovation, le management des savoirs, le benchmarking…). Il apparaît comme un concept « carrefour ». Situé à l'interface de nombreuses pratiques de management, il est difficile de saisir l'influence du phénomène(More)
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