Eric Standley

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Tremendous advances have been made in nickel catalysis over the past decade. Several key properties of nickel, such as facile oxidative addition and ready access to multiple oxidation states, have allowed the development of a broad range of innovative reactions. In recent years, these properties have been increasingly understood and used to perform(More)
Virginia Tech Department of Music's Digital Interactive Sound & Intermedia Studio in collaboration with the College of Engineering and School of Visual Arts presents the latest addition to the *Ork family, the Linux Laptop Orchestra. Apart from maintaining compatibility with its precursors and sources of inspiration, Princeton's PLOrk, and Stanford's SLOrk,(More)
The Revo:oveR installation is a collection of six co-located installations exploring multimodal interaction, self-evolving aural and visual fabric, integration of architectural space, and the notion of communal art. The interactive aural communal soundscape Elemental and one of the two physical sculptures titled Cyrene Reefs exhibited at NIME 2009 can be(More)
A series of air-stable nickel complexes of the form L2Ni(aryl) X (L = monodentate phosphine, X = Cl, Br) and LNi(aryl)X (L = bis-phosphine) have been synthesized and are presented as a library of precatalysts suitable for a wide variety of nickel-catalyzed transformations. These complexes are easily synthesized from low-cost NiCl2·6H2O or NiBr2·3H2O and the(More)
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