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Increasingly more tests are being used to detect and characterize diabetic polyneuropathy, but their value in setting minimal criteria for the diagnosis of neuropathy and for staging severity remains inadequately studied. In 180 diabetics, we compared the percentage of patients with test abnormalities and associations among test results, evaluating(More)
Cutaneous touch-pressure, vibration, and thermal cooling detection thresholds were estimated on the skin of one foot for 80 patients with motor neuron disease (MND) and compared with that of more than 300 site, age, and sex-matched healthy controls. Fourteen of the patients had elevated thresholds (greater than or equal to 95th percentile): 7 showed(More)
OBJECTIVE Nine tsunami-affected districts in Aceh, Indonesia, were surveyed between February and August 2005 to characterize tsunami mortality. METHODS The surveys employed a two-stage cluster methodology with probability proportional to size sampling, and encompassed 1653 tsunami-displaced households with a pre-tsunami population of 10 063 individuals.(More)
Intravenous heparin and nitroglycerin are frequently given in combination to patients with acute coronary syndromes such as unstable angina and post myocardial infarction angina. Heparin is prescribed since it has been shown that intracoronary thrombus formation is important in the pathophysiology of these acute conditions. However, it has been demonstrated(More)
Fowler (4), Liversage (6), and Ellis (2) have recently published excellent reviews of clinical models and formu lae. The conclusion drawn from their discussions was that, for lack of accurate experimental methods and results, the formulae coupling together dose, time, and number of fractions need to be considered to some extent as rules of thumb. With this(More)
Cells differentiated from a human metastasizing melanoma have been irradiated simultaneously with pulsed high frequency currents (27.12 MHz, 400--600 pulses/s, pulse duration 65mus, average power 25--38 Watt) (Diapulse), and gamma radiation from a Co-60 source. Simultaneous pulsed high frequency field and gamma radiation acted in a way resembling a(More)