Eric Slezak

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This paper proposes an original approach to cluster multi-component data sets, including an estimation of the number of clusters. From the construction of a minimal spanning tree with Prim's algorithm, and the assumption that the vertices are approximately distributed according to a Poisson distribution, the number of clusters is estimated by thresholding(More)
  • Michael J Drinkwater, Quentin A Parker, Dominique Proust, Eric Slezak, Hernán Quintana
  • 2004
We present new results of our wide-field redshift survey of galaxies in a 182 square degree region of the Shapley Supercluster (SSC) based on observations with the FLAIR-II spectrograph on the UK Schmidt Telescope (UKST). In this paper we present new measurements to give a total sample of redshifts for 710 bright (R ≤ 16.6) galaxies, of which 464 are(More)
This paper deals with noised astronomical multiband image fusion and restoration. The wavelet domain is well adapted for such tasks. In fact, intensity fluctuations corresponding to the noise are most important at the finest resolution and related details coefficients decrease quickly as the scale increases. Real structures in the image will therefore lead(More)
– Nous proposons une méthode d'analyse d'observations multispectrales de galaxies dans le but d'utiliser l'information spectrale pour raffiner les classifications morphologiques existantes. Nous avons opté pour une approche globale qui consistè a décomposer la galaxie en utilisant un modèle paramétrique basé sur une interprétation physique. Nous espérons(More)
Compact elliptical galaxies are characterized by small sizes and high stellar densities. They are thought to form through tidal stripping of massive progenitors. However, only a handful of them were known, preventing us from understanding the role played by this mechanism in galaxy evolution. We present a population of 21 compact elliptical galaxies(More)
  • Dominique Proust, Hernán Quintana, Eleazar R Carrasco, Andreas Reisenegger, Eric Slezak, Hernán Muriel +5 others
  • 2005
Structure and dynamics of the Shapley Supercluster ⋆ Velocity catalogue, general morphology and mass. Abstract. We present results of our wide-field redshift survey of galaxies in a 285 square degree region of the Shapley Supercluster (SSC), based on a set of 10529 velocity measurements (including 1201 new ones) on 8632 galaxies obtained from various(More)
Many regions of the sky are currently being observed with a high number of spectral bands with various instruments and this trend shall develop considerably in the coming years. Even with few wavelength-bands, it is not easy to match the objects identified in each individual image, or to get consistent measurements and classify them spectrally. A detection(More)
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