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Existing models for describing a process such as a business process or a software development process tend to focus on the what or the how of the process For example a health insurance claim process would typically be described in terms of a number of steps for assessing and approving a claim In trying to improve or redesign a process however one also needs(More)
Admissions committees and researchers around the globe have used diligence and imagination to develop and implement various screening measures with the ultimate goal of predicting future clinical and professional performance. What works for predicting future job performance in the human resources world and in most of the academic world may not, however,(More)
Studies were undertaken to examine whether methoxsalen (9-methoxyfuro[3,2-g][1]benzopyran-7-one), a specific and relatively selective inhibitor of human CYP2A6, inhibited CYP2A5-mediated nicotine metabolism in vitro. Furthermore, studies were performed in vivo to determine whether methoxsalen would modulate acute nicotine pharmacokinetics and(More)
DBA/2 and C57BL/6 are two commonly used mouse strains that differ in response to nicotine. Previous studies have shown that the nicotine-metabolizing enzyme CYP2A5 differs in coumarin metabolism between these two strains, suggesting differences in nicotine metabolism. Nicotine was metabolized to cotinine in vitro by two enzymatic sites. The high-affinity(More)
Adolescent onset of smoking is associated with a rapid progression to dependence. Although adolescents may exhibit a greater susceptibility to nicotine addiction, relatively little is known about the influence of the aversive effects of nicotine withdrawal in maintaining smoking behavior. The present study investigated age differences in the motivational(More)
BACKGROUND Podcasts are increasingly being used in medical education. In this study, we conducted a survey of Canadian anesthesia residents to better delineate the content needs, format preferences, and usage patterns among anesthesia residents. METHODS 10/16 Canadian anesthesia program directors, representing 443/659 Canadian anesthesia residents,(More)
Selegiline (l-deprenyl) is in clinical treatment trials as a potential smoking cessation drug. We investigated the affect of selegiline and its metabolites on nicotine metabolism. In mice, selegiline was a potent inhibitor of nicotine metabolism in hepatic microsomes and cDNA-expressed CYP2A5; the selegiline metabolites desmethylselegiline,(More)
INTRODUCTION The use of novel oral nicotine delivery devices and compositions for human consumption and for animal research studies has been increasing in the last several years. METHODS Studies were undertaken to examine whether the systemic administration of methoxsalen, an inhibitor of human CYP2A6 and mouse CYP2A5, would modulate nicotine(More)
Cigarette smoking is the primary cause of numerous preventable diseases; as such, the goals of smoking cessation are both to reduce health risks and to improve the quality of life. Currently, the first-line smoking cessation therapies include nicotine replacement products and bupropion. The nicotinic receptor partial agonist varenicline has recently been(More)
The heart and head muscles share common developmental origins and genetic underpinnings in vertebrates, including humans. Parts of the heart and cranio-facial musculature derive from common mesodermal progenitors that express NKX2-5, ISL1, and TBX1. This ontogenetic kinship is dramatically reflected in the DiGeorge/Cardio-Velo-Facial syndrome (DGS/CVFS),(More)