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We describe work in progress on roBlocks, a computational construction kit that encourages users to experiment and play with a collection of sensor, logic and actuator blocks, exposing them to a variety of advanced concepts including kinematics, feedback and distributed control. Its interface presents novice users with a simple, tangible set of robotic(More)
— In this paper we describe an optimal reconfigura-tion planning algorithm that morphs a grounded truss structure of known geometry into a new geometry. The plan consists of a sequence of paths to move truss elements to their new locations that generate the new truss geometry. The trusses are grounded and remain connected at all time. Intuitively, the(More)
Graphs are a versatile representation of many systems in computer science, the social sciences, and mathematics, but graph theory is not taught in schools. We present our work on Graphmaster, a computationally enhanced construction kit that enables children to build graphs of their own and investigate their properties by experimenting with algorithms that(More)