Eric Schwarzkopf

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We revisit the top-level ontology Gumo for the uniform management of user and context models in a semantic web environment. We discuss design decisions, while putting the focus on ontological issues. The structural integration into user model servers, especially into the U2M-UserModel&ContextService, is also presented. We show ubiquitous applications using(More)
The paper describes a set of approaches for representing and accessing information within a semantically structured information portal, while offering the possibility to integrate own information. It discusses research performed within the project ‘Semantic Methods and Tools for Information Portals (SemIPort)’. In particular, it focuses on (1) the(More)
Literature research in a scientific digital library can be a daunting and time consuming task: Retrieving the few documents containing information you currently need from a vast set of candidates, oftentimes not even knowing whether this information is in there at all, locally organizing and making sense of the retrieved documents, and somehow capturing(More)
Der Workshop soll Forscher und Praktiker aus den Bereichen Informationsportale, Semantische Technologien und Maschinelles Lernen zusammenbringen, um neue Methoden und Technologien für Informationsportale vorzustellen. Der Workshop wird von Partnern der beiden bmb+f-geförderten Projekte Fachinformationssystem Informatik (FIS-I) und Semantische Methoden und(More)
In an optimal situation both partners―the user and the system to be taught―share a significant amount of insight in each of these categories. Unfortunately, the user in a typical pbd setting has to be assumed to possess only limited expertise in at least the first three of these aspects while the system typically lacks at least a more than trivial(More)
We are developing an interaction environment for information portals in which users can create their own personal knowledge bases to store and define relationships between retrieved items. In this paper, we present our approach for combining these personal knowledge bases to a knowledge base for the entire user community that is to be used as part of an(More)