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OBJECTIVE To perform an evidence-based review of the literature on neuroimaging techniques utilized in spinal cord injury clinical practice and research. METHODS A search of the medical literature for articles on specific neuroimaging techniques used in SCI resulted in 2,302 published reports. Review at the abstract and full report level yielded 99(More)
Patient safety efforts advocate for transforming healthcare from a culture of blame to a non-punitive "culture of safety." One of the most challenging hurdles is to encourage healthcare practitioners to be mindful about their activities. To promote mindfulness during clinical education for entry-level nurses, we developed a web-based dangerous situation and(More)
Designed as an evolving humanoid research platform, Gnuman is a three-wheeled autonomous agent capable of roulette and hypotrochoid motion. The foundation comprises a drive mechanism that allows limitless rotation about each wheel's spin and steering axis without the traditional restriction of 'wind-up'. Founded on a 120° tripod configuration, the adaptive(More)
Eye detection is required in many applications like eye-gaze tracking, iris detection, video conferencing, auto-stereoscopic displays, face detection and face recognition. This paper proposes a novel technique for eye detection using color and morphological image processing. It is observed that eye regions in an image are characterized by low illumination,(More)
This paper reports the results of a four-year National Science Foundation CCLI grant that supported development and assessment of curricular material linking computer science (CS), digital audio, music, and sound design. A book and online learning aids were created and used in courses and summer workshops. The material was refined based on feedback from(More)
BACKGROUND Irreversible electroporation (IRE) is a relatively new approach to the management of multiple types of locally advanced soft tissue tumors. Unique peri-procedural anesthetic management is needed in the safe and effective delivery of this therapy. OBJECTIVES This study analyzed IRE therapy in relation to anesthetic management for our initial(More)
OBJECTIVE Psychiatric residency programs have had chief residents for many years, and several articles previously published describe the chief residents' unique role as both faculty and resident. This article describes chief resident roles and responsibilities and explores trends in academic psychiatry departments from 1995 to 2006. METHODS The authors(More)
Performing arts organizations aim to enrich their communities through the arts. To do this, they strive to match their performance offerings to the taste of those communities. Success relies on understanding audience preference and predicting their behavior. Similar to most e-commerce or digital entertainment firms, arts presenters need to recommend the(More)