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Runtime characteristics of individual threads (such as IPC, cache usage, etc.) are a critical factor in making efficient scheduling decisions in modern chip-multiprocessor systems. They provide key insights into how threads interact when they share processor resources, and affect the overall system power and performance efficiency. In this paper, we propose(More)
This article describes a process model for design and development of curricula. The model is based on learning theories of competency-based education. It is suggested that curricula so designed will, in conjunction with accreditation and credntialing, provide an additional mechanism for ensuring quality in professional practice.
OF THE DISSERTATION Runtime Support For Maximizing Performance on Multicore Systems by Kishore Kumar Pusukuri Doctor of Philosophy, Graduate Program in Computer Science and Engineering University of California, Riverside, August 2012 Dr. Rajiv Gupta, Chairperson Since multicore systems offer greater performance via parallelism, future computing is(More)
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