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BACKGROUND Large-scale quantitative analysis of transcriptional co-expression has been used to dissect regulatory networks and to predict the functions of new genes discovered by genome sequencing in model organisms such as yeast. Although the idea that tissue-specific expression is indicative of gene function in mammals is widely accepted, it has not been(More)
Recent mammalian microarray experiments detected widespread transcription and indicated that there may be many undiscovered multiple-exon protein-coding genes. To explore this possibility, we labeled cDNA from unamplified, polyadenylation-selected RNA samples from 37 mouse tissues to microarrays encompassing 1.14 million exon probes. We analyzed these data(More)
The spike glycoprotein G of vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) induces membrane fusion at low pH. We used linker insertion mutagenesis to characterize the domain(s) of G glycoprotein involved in low-pH-induced membrane fusion. Two or three amino acids were inserted in frame into various positions in the extracellular domain of G, and 14 mutants were isolated.(More)
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