Eric Sandler

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Data integration requires not only the absorption of data, but the transformation of that data. For instance, manufacturing companies must combine customer order information for ordering supplies as well as for financial planning; large banks may need to produce consolidated profit-and-loss statements daily, or even more frequently, to manage liquidity and(More)
Hemiconvulsion-hemiplegia-epilepsy (HHE) is an uncommon epileptic syndrome that affects young children. Typical management includes early initiation of benzodiazepines to abate the initial seizure activity quickly. Patients in whom epilepsy develops require prolonged use of antiepileptic agents. Herniation due to diffuse cerebral edema from HHE is rare;(More)
The authors describe 3 children who presented with progressively enlarging skin-covered solid masses over the shunt catheter in the neck/clavicular region. The authors reviewed the clinical, laboratory, pathological, radiographic, and follow-up data for all 3 patients and reviewed the literature on the subject. The patients had no clinical evidence of an(More)
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