Eric Sanders

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This paper describes a feasibility study into automatic recognition of Dutch dysarthric speech. Recognition experiments with speaker independent and speaker dependent models are compared, for tasks with different perplexities. The results show that speaker dependent speech recognition for dysarthric speakers is very well possible, even for higher perplexity(More)
Research into spoken language has become more visual over the years. Both fundamental and applied research have progressively included gestures, gaze, and facial expression. Corpora of multi-modal conversational speech are rare and frequently difficult to use due to privacy and copyright restrictions. A freely available annotated corpus is presented, gratis(More)
In this paper a collection of chats and tweets from the Netherlands and Flanders is described. The chats and tweets are part of the freely available SoNaR corpus, a 500 million word text corpus of the Dutch language. Recruitment, metadata, anonymisation and IPR issues are discussed. To illustrate the difference of language use between the various text types(More)
The goal of the SpeechDat project is to develop spoken language resources for speech recognisers suited to realise voice driven teleservices. SpeechDat created speech databases for all official languages of the European Union and some major dialectal varieties and minority languages. The size of the databases ranges between 500 and 5000 speakers. In total(More)
Spoken language resources (SLRs) are essential for both research and application development. In this article we clarify the concept of SLR validation. We define validation and how it differs from evaluation. Further, relevant principles of SLR validation are outlined. We argue that the best way to validate SLRs is to implement validation throughout SLR(More)
PURPOSE To report the clinical outcomes of arthroscopic excision for a symptomatic os trigonum initially viewing through the posteromedial ankle portal with the motorized instrument in the posterolateral portal. METHODS A retrospective review of a consecutive series of patients with symptomatic os trigonum failing nonoperative management and treated with(More)
PURPOSE To compare clinical outcomes and revision rates for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstructions using bone-patellar tendon-bone (BPTB) allografts versus BPTB autografts in a population of patients aged 25 years and younger. METHODS A consecutive series of patients 25 years or younger undergoing ACL reconstruction with either a(More)
Within the framework of the Dutch-Flemish programme STEVIN, the JASMIN-CGN (Jongeren, Anderstaligen en Senioren in Mens-machine Interactie – Corpus Gesproken Nederlands) project was carried out, which was aimed at collecting speech of children, non-natives and elderly people. The JASMIN-CGN project is an extension of the Spoken Dutch Corpus (CGN) along(More)