Eric S. Wheeler

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—Passive and semi-passive UHF RFID systems have traditionally been designed using scalar-valued differential radar cross section (DRCS) methods to model the backscattered signal from the tag. This paper argues that scalar-valued DRCS analysis is unnecessarily limiting because of the inherent coherence of the backscatter link and the complex-valued nature of(More)
Abstract Theoretical models of topographic map formation have postulated a gradient of attractant in addition to a gradient of repulsion in the target. In species where many axons grow past their correct positions initially, it has also been argued that a parallel gradient of attractant or branching signal is required to ensure collateral formation at the(More)
Statistical parameters of Ivan Franko's novel Perekhresni stežky (The Cross-Paths) 39 Solomija Buk and Andrij Rovenchak Some remarks on the generalized Hermite and generalized Gegen-bauer probability distributions and their applications 49 Mario Cortina-Borja New approaches to cluster analysis of typological indices 61 Michael Cysouw