Eric S Watkins

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A case is presented of a patient who underwent insertion of a periaqueductal grey electrode for the relief of chronic pain. Shortly after insertion, the patient developed a left-sided ocular tilt reaction (OTR). The electrode tip, initially to the right of the midline, was then withdrawn slightly so that it was now on the left side. Stimulation at this(More)
Cervical myelopathy developed in two patients with idiopathic torsion dystonia. There were marked spondylotic changes in both patients, probably attributable to the incessant dystonic movements of the neck. Previous cervical spine surgery may have exacerbated the myelopathy in one of the patients. Cervical myelopathy complicating idiopathic dystonia must be(More)
In early surgical attempts to create a neoanal sphincter for patients who are faecally incontinent, skeletal muscle (usually the gracilis) has been transposed around the anal canal. Despite modifications, such as intermittent electrical stimulation, this procedure is likely to fail because the fast-twitch gracilis muscle is incapable of prolonged(More)
The trigeminal nuclear complex and its spinal tract extend throughout the greater part of the brain-stem and at medullary levels form the target site for producing stereotactic lesions. This paper describes a method for three-dimensional drawings of this nuclear complex. A stereotactic atlas of the human brain-stem and cerebellar nuclei has formed the data(More)
The deposition of silicon into epidermal cells of grass species is thought to be an important mechanism that plants use as a defense against pests and environmental stresses. There are a number of techniques available to study the size, density and distribution pattern of silica bodies in grass leaves. However, none of those techniques can provide a(More)
A stereotactic atlas to determine thalamic target sites has been incorporated into a microcomputer. Variability studies of the thalamus with mean and standard deviations of nuclear borders are depicted graphically for overlay onto operative images. Internal landmarks traditionally used to reference target points for functional stereotaxis may be determined(More)
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