Eric S Nazareno

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Virulence gene expression in Vibrio cholerae is postulated to involve ToxR-dependent activation of the toxT gene followed by ToxT activation of virulence genes, including several of those involved in biogenesis of the toxin-coregulated pilus. ToxR is a transmembrane, DNA-binding protein which is a member of the OmpR subclass of two-component activator(More)
We conducted a greenhouse trial to determine specific compatible interactions between Erwinia tracheiphila strains and cucurbit host species. Using a modified inoculation system, E. tracheiphila strains HCa1-5N, UnisCu1-1N, and MISpSq-N were inoculated to cucumber (Cucumis sativus) cv. 'Sweet Burpless', melon (Cucumis melo) cv. 'Athena Hybrid', and squash(More)
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