Eric S. Lee

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Neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) have a high predilection for metastasizing to the liver and can cause severe debilitating symptoms adversely affecting quality of life. Although surgery remains the treatment of choice, many liver metastases are inoperable at presentation. Hepatic arterial embolization procedures take advantage of the arterial supply of NET(More)
Correct suspect identification of known offenders by witnesses deteriorates rapidly as more are examined in mugshot albums. Feature approaches, where mugshots are displayed in order of similarity to witnesses' descriptions, attempt to increase identification success by reducing this number. A methodology is proposed for system design and evaluation based on(More)
  • E S Lee, D L Dibartolomeo, S E Selkowitz
  • 1998
results does not imply CIEE endorsement of or agreement with these findings, nor that of any CIEE sponsor. Abstract Dynamic envelope/lighting systems have the potential to optimize the perimeter zone energy balance between daylight admission and solar heat gain rejection on a real-time basis, and to increase occupant comfort. Two side-by-side full-scale(More)
BACKGROUND Appreciating the utility of published diagnostic criteria for autoimmune pancreatitis, when compared to the characteristics of patients clinically managed as having disease, informs and refines ongoing clinical practice. METHODS Comparative retrospective descriptive evaluation of patients with autoimmune pancreatitis including dedicated(More)
  • S E Selkowitz, E S Lee, O Aschehoug
  • 2006
There is growing interest in North America on the subject of highly glazed building facades. The concept of a smart, interactive façade is not new – the ability of specific facade systems to work reliably and effectively is a far greater challenge. We have been exploring various dynamic façade systems with integrated lighting and HVAC over the last 10(More)