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In this paper, an optimization-based approach is proposed using a mixed integer quadratic programming model for the economic dispatch of electrical power generators with prohibited zones of operation. The main advantage of the proposed approach is its capability to solve case studies from the literature to global optimality quickly and without any targeting(More)
—Nature-inspired algorithms are proving to be very successful on complex optimisation problems. A new algorithm, inspired by the way plants, and in particular the strawberry plant, propagate is presented. The algorithm is explained, tested on standard test functions, and compared with the well known Nelder-Mead algorithm. The new approach is then applied to(More)
This paper describes ep ee, a distributed environment for the integration of software applications. It was developed with the aim of aiding the process of design by providing the necessary support for a design information management system. The software environment is rst described in general terms and then our speciic application of ep ee to process(More)
• New NLP model for the SEE/MEE systems design including MVR and thermal integration • SEE/MEE model application to the high-salinity shale gas flowback water treatment. • Optimization by minimizing costs to achieve brine salinity close to ZLD conditions. • Sensitivity analysis to assess the system performance in distinct feed salinities • Results highlight(More)