Eric Rozell

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Ontologies are increasingly deployed as a computer-accessible representation of key semantics in various parts of a data life cycle and, thus, ontology dynamics may pose challenges to data management and re-use. By using examples in the field of geosciences, we analyze challenges raised by ontology dynamics, such as heavy reworking of data, semantic(More)
The TWC International Open Government Dataset Catalog (IOGDC) integrates a diverse selection of more than 70 government dataset catalogs from around the world. IOGDC demonstrates a practical dataset catalog metadata model for integrating diverse dataset catalogs collected from the real world and linking those catalogs into Linked Data Cloud. IOGDC's faceted(More)
This demo paper will discuss a search interface framework designed as part of the Semantic eScience Framework project at the Tetherless World Constellation. The search interface framework, S2S, was designed to facilitate the construction of interactive user interfaces for data catalogs. We use Semantic Web technologies, including an OWL ontology for(More)
In this poster, we will present the International Open Government Dataset Search (IOGDS). IOGDS is a faceted browsing interface for searching over more than one million open government datasets from around the world. We will present ongoing research and development towards the improved discovery and access to open government data. IOGDS has been designed(More)
The recent recognition of what may be the largest igneous province on Earth, the ~200 Ma Central Atlantic magmatic province (CAMP), with its close temporal proximity to major biotic turnover at the Triassic/Jurassic boundary, adds impetus for seeking confirmation of possibly related geodynamic phenomena. For example, CAMP emplacement seems to coincide(More)
The Virtual Solar-Terrestrial Observatory (VSTO) is a distributed, scalable education and research environment for searching, integrating, and analyzing observational, experimental and model databases in fields of solar, solar-terrestrial and space physics. Our work on VSTO required us to create a formal, machine understandable representation for concepts,(More)
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