Eric Roy

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The purpose of this study was to examine executive functions in team sport athletes with and without a history of concussion. Executive functions comprise many cognitive processes including, working memory, attention and multi-tasking. Past research has shown that concussions cause difficulties in vestibular-visual and vestibular-auditory dual-tasking,(More)
Diffusive flux of bioavailable soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP) across the sediment–water interface is one mechanism by which sediments can be a source of phosphorus to the water column in aquatic systems and contribute to primary productivity. This process is dependent on sediment biogeochemistry and SRP concentration gradients at the sediment–water(More)
Processing and integrating multiple sensory inputs simultaneously plays a vital role in an athlete's ability to plan and execute appropriate actions in dynamic environments. Previous research has shown that concussions affect an athlete's processing capacity and ability to process multiple sensory inputs simultaneously. Few studies to date have considered(More)
Cognitive functions are often impacted by concussions and neurocognitive tests are used to assess the recovery process. However, these tests lack sensitivity in tracking the recovery process, which may depend on genetic polymorphisms. Brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is an important nerve growth factor linked with development and neural plasticity.(More)
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