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Ambient Assisted Living is currently one of the important research and development areas, where accessibility, usability and learning plays a major role and where future interfaces are an important concern for applied engineering. The general goal of ambient assisted living solutions is to apply ambient intelligence technology to enable people with specific(More)
While the Web of data is attracting increasing interest and rapidly growing in size, the major support of information on the surface Web are still multimedia documents. Semantic annotation of texts is one of the main processes that are intended to facilitate meaning-based information exchange between computational agents. However, such annotation faces(More)
Self-organized reuse of artifacts from software and system development, using the lightweight Wiki-Technology, promises a sustainable preservation and availability of business-critical information. However, due to the organic, sometimes chaotic growth of content inside a Wiki, additional support for structuring the knowledge and finding interrelated useful(More)
The findings of the Workshop on Learner-oriented Knowledge Management and KM-oriented e-Learning (LOKMOL 2005) are summarized in this paper. The results are derived from the presented papers as well as from the moderated discussion during the workshop. First, the main barriers that have to be passed in order to integrate KM and e-Learning are discussed.(More)
There are various Knowledge Management Systems available currently and designed to support knowledge sharing and learning. An example of these are " Experience-based Information Systems " in the domain of Software Engineering, i.e., Information Systems designed to support experience management. Lately, these have become more and more sophisticated from a(More)
esearchers have studied and created a wide range of techniques to support software engineers during development. This article reports parts of the results of a survey of 135 participants that has been conducted in Germany to shed light on the usage and demand of intelligent assistance in software engineering activities. The survey showed that there is a(More)
In software engineering Experience Factories have been in use for a long time to store and manage experiences from software projects, typically in large organizations. Beside the preservation of quantitative or numerical experiences, e.g., in form of project effort data or data from empirical studies, many experience facto-ries also preserve subjective or(More)
The development of software is often accompanied by poor documentation of experiences, decisions, or architectural information. Reuse of experiences and knowledge, using the lightweight Wiki-Technology, promises a sustainable assurance and availability of business-critical information. In this paper we give an overview of the RISE research project (Reuse In(More)