Eric Raimbaud

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A new series of imidazolyl nitrones spin traps has been synthesized and evaluated pharmacologically. The salient structural feature of these molecules is the presence of an imidazole moiety substituted by aromatic or heteroaromatic cycles. This connectivity imparts to the nitrone superior neuroprotective properties in vivo and in parallel reduced side(More)
The amino acid sequences of 18 alpha-amylases have been compared by hydrophobic cluster analysis. The method was first calibrated with two alpha-amylases (Aspergillus oryzae and pig pancreas) whose three-dimensional structures are known. It was then applied to the other alpha-amylases resulting in straightforward sequence alignments which could be used for(More)
We herewith present a novel and universal method to convert protein-ligand coordinates into a simple fingerprint of 210 integers registering the corresponding molecular interaction pattern. Each interaction (hydrophobic, aromatic, hydrogen bond, ionic bond, metal complexation) is detected on the fly and physically described by a pseudoatom centered either(More)
The present study describes the synthesis and pharmacological profiles of new olivacine related compounds, possessing a modified D ring. The impact of this modification has been evaluated with respect to the cytotoxic and in vivo antitumoral effects of these molecules and in comparison with parent S 16020-2 previously prepared and investigated in our(More)
Acarbose and its homologs inhibit alpha-D-glucosidases, particularly alpha-amylases. These homologs have the same core, the pseudo-disaccharide acarviosine, linked to various numbers of glucose residues. The conformations of (R)- and (S)-acarviosine have been analysed. The potential energy maps, obtained by molecular mechanics calculations, show that(More)
The conformation in dimethylsulfoxide of the somatostatin derivative angiopeptin and of three disulfide-free analogs was estimated by two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy at room temperature. The resulting 3D molecular graphics were compared and shown to reflect the observed differences in the inhibition of restenosis after rat aorta(More)
A structure-activity study was performed by synthesis on N,N'-disubstitution of 3-aminobenzo[c] and [d]azepin-2-one 2 and 3 to afford potent and specific farnesyl transferase inhibitors with low nM enzymatic and cellular activities.
Purpose. An immunoconjugate model was proposed to produce stereo-selective monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) for the quantitation of a 5-HT1A agonist, S 20499. MAbs produced were characterized in terms of stereoselectivity and specificity towards the opposite enantiomer and structural analogs. Methods. The immunogen was formed following the effective addition of(More)
We report here on the synthesis and pharmacological properties of a new series of small linear and cyclic peptides derived from the five C-terminal amino acid residues of second-generation bradykinin receptor antagonists. Variations of the two first residues of the pentapeptide (Thi-Ser-D-Tic-Oic-Arg) were shown to modulate the biological activities of the(More)