Eric R. Scerri

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The positive strides that have been made in chemical education research are undeniable as are the contributions made by this Journal in furthering the development of the field. In this piece I would like to suggest that all may not be well, however, and that some simple measures could be taken to redirect the general outlook and thereby improve the(More)
Textbooks often claim that quantum mechanics explained the periodic system: namely, the actual configuration of electronic orbits that is responsible for the element’s chemical properties can be described as the one that minimizes the total energy, and the energy of each configuration can be computed by using quantum mechanics. However, a careful analysis(More)
This article examines two influential authors who have addressed the interface between the fields of chemistry and physics and have reached opposite conclusions about whether or not emergence and downward causation represent genuine phenomena. While McLaughlin concludes that emergence is impossible in the light of quantum mechanics, Hendry regards issues(More)
Quantum Mechanics has been the most spectacularly successful theory in the history of science. As is often mentioned the accuracy to which the gyromagnetic ratio of the electron can be calculated is a staggering nine decimal places. Quantum Mechanics has revolutionized the study of radiation and matter since its inception just over one hundred years ago.(More)
This article consists of a critique of the writings of Peter Atkins. The topics discussed include the quantum mechanical explanation of the periodic system, the aufbau principle and the order of occupation of orbitals by electrons. It is also argued that Atkins fails to appreciate the philosophical significance of the more general version of the Pauli(More)
What could possibly be the connection between chemistry and philosophy, apart from the obvious superficial one of their both representing quests for knowledge? How do contemporary chemists and philosophers generally view one another? These are some of the questions I will try to put before going on to describe the connections that have recently been forged(More)