Eric R. Scerri

Hettema Kuipers1
J C H Spence1
Jacob Edwards1
1Hettema Kuipers
1J C H Spence
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Received Revised Textbooks often claim that quantum mechanics explained the periodic system: namely, the actual connguration of electronic orbits that is responsible for the element's chemical properties can be described as the one that minimizes the total energy, and the energy of each connguration can be computed by using quantum mechanics. However, a(More)
I would like to thank Spence et al. for their response (1) to my article (2), in which I criticized what I, and others, took to be a claim for the observation of atomic orbitals. I am relieved to hear that the authors agree with me that it is not orbitals that can be observed but only charge density. Given this apparent agreement it is surprising that the(More)
The philosophy of chemistry has been sadly neglected by most contempory literature in the philosophy of science. This paper argues that this neglect has been unfortunate and that there is much to be learned from paying greater philosophical attention to the set of issues defined by the philosophy of chemistry. The potential contribution of this field to(More)
  • Eric R Scerri, Jacob Edwards, Christie Bensaude, Hettema Kuipers, Kultgen
  • 2001
One of the consequences of the renewed interest in philosophical aspects of chemistry has been the corresponding renewed interest in the periodic system of the elements which embodies so much chemical knowledge in an implicit form. We have therefore decided to further promote scholarship on the periodic system by compiling a bibliography of previously(More)
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