Eric R. Pardyjak

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Sprint-cycling performance is paramount to competitive success in over half the world-championship and Olympic races in the sport of cycling. This review examines the current knowledge behind the interaction of propulsive and resistive forces that determine sprint performance. Because of recent innovation in field power-measuring devices, actual data from(More)
Measurements were conducted on an eastern slope of the Salt Lake Basin (SLB) as a part of the Vertical Transport and Mixing Experiment (VTMX) conducted in October 2000. Of interest was the nocturnal boundary layer on a slope (in particular, katabatic flows) in the absence of significant synoptic influence. Extensive measurements of mean flow, turbulence,(More)
INTRODUCTION Recent trends in computing have shifted toward multi-core processors and programmable graphics processors with highly parallel data paths for processing geometry and pixels. Multi-core machines are now readily available with 2 cores, but machines with 4, 8, and even 16 cores are projected for the near future. Data parallelism in modern graphics(More)
This paper describes development of a wind display system for the TreadPort virtual environment locomotion interface, which is cumulatively known as the TreadPort Active Wind Tunnel (TPAWT). Computational Fluid Dynamic simulations and experiments with a scaled model test-bed of the system has resulted in a combination of passive and active controls capable(More)
This research focuses on development of a haptic system to create controlled air flow acting on a user in the Treadport virtual environment. The Treadport active wind tunnel (TPAWT) is thus created in order to produce air flow patterns that allow a variety of wind angles and speeds to be felt by the user. In order to control this system in real-time, the(More)
This research creates a steady headwind at a user position in the scaled Treadport Active Wind Tunnel (TPAWT). The TPAWT adds a wind display system to the previously developed Treadport virtual environment, and this research builds upon prior work to provide improved control of headwind angle at the user position. Key to this research is the addition of a(More)
This paper develops a static observer for estimating wind speed in order to control wind speed and angle control at a user position in a submersive virtual environment. Addition of wind display evolves the Treadport Virtual environment into a highly immersive virtual environment called Treadport Active Wind Tunnel (TPAWT). Experiments on a scaled model of(More)