Eric R. Pardyjak

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Measurements were conducted on an eastern slope of the Salt Lake Basin (SLB) as a part of the Vertical Transport and Mixing Experiment (VTMX) conducted in October 2000. Of interest was the nocturnal boundary layer on a slope (in particular, katabatic flows) in the absence of significant synoptic influence. Extensive measurements of mean flow, turbulence,(More)
Sprint-cycling performance is paramount to competitive success in over half the world-championship and Olympic races in the sport of cycling. This review examines the current knowledge behind the interaction of propulsive and resistive forces that determine sprint performance. Because of recent innovation in field power-measuring devices, actual data from(More)
A simple model to study the decay of turbulent kinetic energy (TKE) in the convective surface layer is presented. In this model, the TKE is dependent upon two terms, the turbulent dissipation rate and the surface buoyancy fluctuations. The time evolution of the surface sensible heat flux is modelled based on fitting functions of actual measurements from the(More)
Daniel F. Nadeau,a,b* Eric R. Pardyjak,c Chad W. Higgins,a,d Hendrik Huwalda and Marc B. Parlangea aSchool of Architecture, Civil and Environ. Engineering, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland bInstitut National de la Recherche Scientifique, Centre Eau, Terre et Environnement, Québec, Canada cDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, University(More)
Katabatic flows over alpine mountainous terrain differ from their forested or bare slope counterparts due to the presence of well-ventilated, short vegetation. The impact of a grass canopy and larger-scale pressure perturbations on the one-dimensional mean momentum balance is explored via theory and field measurements. The model presented here reproduces(More)
This paper presents the Treadport Active Wind Tunnel (TPAWT)-a full-body immersive virtual environment for the Treadport locomotion interface designed for generating wind on a user from any frontal direction at speeds up to 20 kph. The goal is to simulate the experience of realistic wind while walking in an outdoor virtual environment. A recirculating-type(More)
In this study,we investigate the validity of similarity scaling over a steepmountain slope (30–41◦). The results are based on eddy-covariance data collected during the Slope Experiment near La Fouly (SELF-2010); a field campaign conducted in a narrow valley of the Swiss Alps during summer 2010. The turbulent fluxes of heat and momentum are found to vary(More)
Fluid-pumping technology is a mature engineering subject area with a well-documented knowledge base. However, the pump design optimization techniques accepted in industry are geared toward steady-state constant-flow conditions. In contrast, the implantation of a continuous-flow pump to aid the output of the human left ventricle subjects the device to(More)
This research focuses on development of a haptic system to create controlled air flow acting on a user in the Treadport virtual environment. The Treadport active wind tunnel (TPAWT) is thus created in order to produce air flow patterns that allow a variety of wind angles and speeds to be felt by the user. In order to control this system in real-time, the(More)