Eric Qiu

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Tracking technologies, such as eye and head-tracking, provide novel techniques for interacting with video games. For instance, players can shoot with their eyes in a first person shooter using gaze-based input. Head-tracking systems allow players to look around a virtual cockpit by simply moving their head. However, tracking systems are typically based on(More)
To describe the visual outcome of patients with a traumatic optic chiasm syndrome, with and without neurosurgical intervention. The retrospective clinical interventional study included 14 patients, who either underwent a neurosurgical intervention with transcranial decompression of the optic canal (11 patients) in combination with a high-dosage systemic(More)
BACKGROUND Tuberculum sellae meningiomas (TSMs) present a special symptom because of the adherence and compression to the optic nerve, optic artery, and the chiasm. A significant number of patients with TSMs appear visual deficits. This study aimed to investigate the surgical indications of exploring the optic canal and visual prognostic factors in the(More)
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