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Learner modeling, a challenging and complex endeavor, is an important and oft-studied research theme in computer-supported education. From this perspective, Educational Data Mining (EDM) research has focused on modeling and comprehending various dimensions of learning in computer based learning environments (CBLE). Researchers and designers are actively(More)
Help-seeking is considered an important metacognitive strategy. For learners to benefit from help-seeking, they need to be engaged in effective search behaviors. Maladaptive search behaviors can lead to negative learning outcomes; thus, if learners are cognizant of such behaviors, they can engage in effective help-seeking leading to achieve better learner(More)
BioWorld is a computer-based learning environment that was designed to support novices in diagnosing medical diseases. In this study, we examine case summaries written in BioWorld. We explore the use of text classification techniques to mine case summaries written in BioWorld. In particular, we evaluate the accuracy of several text classification algorithms(More)
In BioWorld, a medical intelligent tutoring system, novice physicians are tasked with diagnosing virtual patient cases. Although we are often interested in considering whether learners diagnosed the case correctly or not, we cannot discount the actions that learners take to arrive at a final diagnosis. Thus, the consideration of the sequence of actions(More)
There has been a dramatic expansion in both the amount of available large-scale educational databases and educational mining techniques. Educational data mining has been a fertile subject of research in recent times; further, the use of educational data mining has become popular among both researchers and practitioners. Log files generated by computer-based(More)
A constant topic in medical education is clinical reasoning: how do learners solve cases? Learner interactions with Intelligent Tutoring Systems yield fine-grained data that are useful in generating meaningful information and illuminating understanding about learner behaviors and outcomes. We examine and analyze the log files generated by BioWorld, an(More)
Learning to monitor and regulate one’s learning in an academic setting is a task that all students must engage in. Learning in “group” situations requires both self- and co-regulation. This research examines a case study of a small group of medical student interactions during an on-line problem based learning activity (PBL) where students learn to(More)