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Spacetime geometry in higher spin gravity
Higher spin gravity is an interesting toy model of stringy geometry. Particularly intriguing is the presence of higher spin gauge transformations that redefine notions of invariance in gravity: theExpand
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Witten diagrams revisited: the AdS geometry of conformal blocks
A bstractWe develop a new method for decomposing Witten diagrams into conformal blocks. The steps involved are elementary, requiring no explicit integration, and operate directly in position space.Expand
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Partition functions of higher spin black holes and their CFT duals
A bstractWe find black hole solutions of D = 3 higher-spin gravity in the hs[λ] ⊕ hs[λ] Chern-Simons formulation. These solutions have a spin-3 chemical potential, and carry nonzero values for anExpand
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Holographic entanglement entropy and gravitational anomalies
A bstractWe study entanglement entropy in two-dimensional conformal field theories with a gravitational anomaly. In theories with gravity duals, this anomaly is holographically represented by aExpand
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Scalar fields and three-point functions in D = 3 higher spin gravity
A bstractWe compute boundary three-point functions involving two scalars and a gauge field of arbitrary spin in the AdS vacuum of Vasiliev’s higher spin gravity, for any deformation parameter λ. InExpand
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Bounding the space of holographic CFTs with chaos
A bstractThermal states of quantum systems with many degrees of freedom are subject to a bound on the rate of onset of chaos, including a bound on the Lyapunov exponent, λL ≤ 2π/β. We harness thisExpand
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Black holes in three dimensional higher spin gravity: a review
We review recent progress in the construction of black holes in three dimensional higher spin gravity theories. Starting from spin-3 gravity and working our way toward the theory of an infinite towerExpand
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A universal feature of CFT Rényi entropy
A bstractWe show that for a d-dimensional CFT in flat space, the Rényi entropy Sq across a spherical entangling surface has the following property: in an expansion around q = 1, the first correctionExpand
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Virasoro conformal blocks in closed form
A bstractVirasoro conformal blocks are fixed in principle by symmetry, but a closed-form expression is unknown in the general case. In this work, we provide two new closed-form expansions for theExpand
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Probing higher spin black holes
A bstractWe study the propagation of scalar fields on various backgrounds in three dimensional higher spin gravity. Our main emphasis is on obtaining the bulk-boundary propagator, which can beExpand
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