Eric P. Villasenor

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File system performance is critical for overall performance of Big Data workloads. Typically, Big Data file systems consist of dual layers; a local node-level file system and a global file system. This paper presents the design and implementation of MorphStore, a local file system design that significantly improves performance when accessing large files by(More)
Villasenor, Eric P. M.S.E.C.E., Purdue University, December, 2007. Intra-level Incomplete Bypassing: Achieving Performance and Power Efficiency . Major Professor: Mithuna S. Thottethodi. Researchers have proposed clustered microarchitectures to capture the benefits of high performance and high energy efficiency. Typically, clustered microarchitectures offer(More)
Researchers have proposed clustered microarchitectures for performance and energy effciency. Typically, clustered microarchitectures offer fast, local bypassing between instructions within clusters but global bypasses are slower. Traditional clustered microarchitectures (TCM) are implemented by partitioning the register file and associated functional units(More)
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