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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Cerebral magnetic resonance imaging often detects abnormalities whose significance is unknown. The prevalence and correlates of findings such as ventricular enlargement, sulcal widening, and increased white matter signal intensity were examined in 303 men and women aged 65 to 95 years participating in a multicenter study of(More)
BACKGROUND Routine preoperative medical testing is commonly performed in patients scheduled to undergo cataract surgery, although the value of such testing is uncertain. We performed a study to determine whether routine testing helps reduce the incidence of intraoperative and postoperative medical complications. METHODS We randomly assigned 19,557(More)
In order to examine the proportion of Medicare expenditures attributable to repeated admissions to the hospital, we assessed the frequency with which 270,266 randomly selected Medicare beneficiaries were readmitted after hospital discharge between 1974 and 1977. Twenty-two per cent of Medicare hospitalizations were followed by a readmission within 60 days(More)
BACKGROUND Since 1989, laparoscopic cholecystectomy has been widely adopted as a treatment for gallstone disease. We analyzed the association between the introduction of this procedure and three variables: the rate at which cholecystectomy was performed in Maryland, the characteristics of patients undergoing cholecystectomy in routine clinical practice, and(More)
OBJECTIVE To better define the effectiveness and risks of modern cataract surgery. DESIGN Meta-analysis (formal systematic identification, selection, review, and synthesis) of published literature. PATIENTS Patients described in 90 studies published between 1979 and 1991 that addressed visual acuity (n = 17,390 eyes) or complications (n = 68,316 eyes)(More)
BACKGROUND A near-total shift to cataract extraction on an outpatient basis occurred as a result of an administrative ruling by the Health Care Financing Administration. No national study has been conducted to assess the possible effects of that decision on clinical outcomes of surgery. The authors compared the rates of retinal detachment (RD) repair and(More)
Although more than 1 million cataract surgeries are performed annually in the United States, little is known about the frequency of use or cost of various services provided in connection with this procedure. To assess the frequency with which various ophthalmic, optometric, anesthesia, and medical services are provided in conjunction with cataract surgery(More)
Long QT syndrome (LQTS) is a heritable disease associated with ECG QT interval prolongation, ventricular tachycardia, and sudden cardiac death in young patients. Among genotyped individuals, mutations in genes encoding repolarizing K+ channels (LQT1:KCNQ1; LQT2:KCNH2) are present in approximately 90% of affected individuals. Expression of pore mutants of(More)
The comparative frequency of and risk factors for nephrotoxicity with low-osmolality contrast medium (LOM) versus high-osmolality contrast medium (HOM) were investigated. A randomized, double-blind clinical trial was conducted in patients undergoing diagnostic angiocardiography (n = 430) or contrast material-enhanced body computed tomography (CT) (n = 499).(More)
OBJECTIVE/BACKGROUND To describe the Refractive Status and Vision Profile (RSVP), a questionnaire that measures self-reported vision-related health status (symptoms, functioning, expectations, concern) in persons with refractive error. DESIGN Cross-sectional study by survey. PARTICIPANTS The RSVP was self-administered by 550 participants with refractive(More)