Eric O’N. Fisher

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This article describes the development and validation of a revised measure for the assessment of history of being teased about physical appearance. Study 1 involved the preliminary psychometric evaluation of the questionnaire on a sample of 227 college women, Two factors emerged: Weight-Related Teasing (WT) and Teasing About Abilities/Competencies(More)
This paper develops an original measure of learning in higher education, based on grades in subsequent courses. Using this measure of learning, this paper shows that student evaluations are positively related to current grades but unrelated to learning once current grades are controlled. It offers evidence that the weak relationship between learning and(More)
We show that an input-output matrix is a directed weighted network. We develop and apply a measure of betweenness centrality based on random walks. This notion of centrality has an analogy as a current flow in an electrical circuit. We apply this measure to recent data from the major industrial economies. Wholesale and Retail Trade is the most central(More)
An imidazole series of cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) inhibitors has been developed. Protein inhibitor structure determination has provided an understanding of the emerging structure activity trends for the imidazole series. The introduction of a methyl sulfone at the aniline terminus led to a more orally bioavailable CDK inhibitor that was progressed into(More)
  • H Y, L Y, +12 authors Fangyang Zheng
  • 2008
This paper considers a nonlinear pricing framework with both horizontally and vertically differentiated products. By endogenizing the set of consumers served in the market, we are able to study how increased competition affects nonlinear pricing, in particular the market coverage and quality distortions. We characterize the symmetric equilibrium menu of(More)
Although loess–paleosol sequences are among the most important records of Quaternary climate change and past dust deposition cycles, few modern examples of such sedimentation systems have been studied. Stratigraphic studies and 22 new accelerator mass spectrometry radiocarbon ages from the Matanuska Valley in southern Alaska show that loess deposition there(More)
Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) was compared to a combination of aerobic/anaerobic exercise therapy (ET) for the treatment of elevated levels of body image disturbance in college females. CBT consisted of a modification of the 1987 Butters and Cash procedure that was tailored for group intervention; ET consisted of weightlifting and aerobic dancing.(More)
We analyze input-output matrices for a wide set of countries as weighted directed networks. These graphs contain only 47 nodes, but they are almost fully connected and many have nodes with strong self-loops. We apply two measures: random walk centrality and one based on count-betweenness. Our findings are intuitive. For example, in Luxembourg the most(More)
BACKGROUND Anxiety, in particular pain-related anxiety, plays an important role in explaining the severity of pain complaints and pain-related disability in both adults and children with chronic pain. The fear-avoidance model (FAM) describes how pain-related anxiety plays a critical role in the maintenance of pain-avoidance behaviour, which in turn(More)
An average adjustment cost which is convex with respect to the rate of gross investment successfully calibrates a neoclassical growth model to match real world observables including the transition paths of convergence speed, the shadow value of capital, interest rates, and savings rates. Comparing the openeconomy and closed-economy versions of the(More)