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This specification provides the definition of the Atomic Transaction coordination type that is to be used with the extensible coordination framework described in the WS-Coordination specification. The specification defines three specific agreement coordination protocols for the Atomic Transaction coordination type: completion, volatile two-phase commit, and(More)
This WS-CAF Specification (the "Specification") is protected by copyright and the information described therein and technology required to implement the Specification may be protected by one or more U.S. patents, foreign patents, or pending applications. The copyright owners named above ("Owners") hereby grant you a fully-paid, non-exclusive,(More)
This document lists errata for the OASIS Web Services Coordination Version 1. Status: This document was last revised or approved by the WS-TX TC on the above date. The level of approval is also listed above. Check the " Latest Approved Version " location noted above for possible later revisions of this document. Technical Committee members should send(More)
As a growing range of applications shift to the cloud, developers face the task of creating reliable, fault-tolerant and secure distributed computing systems and networks. This Guide to Reliable Distributed Systems describes the key concepts, principles and implementation options for creating high-assurance cloud computing solutions. In combination with(More)