Eric Newcomer

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This paper is an exhaustive review summarizing the results, observations and findings of the renowned researchers in the domain of Web Service Discovery. After extensive scavenging on the Internet, we felt that there is a paucity of good quality survey papers, which can help, provide directions to a researcher looking for a fertile area to explore in the(More)
· Mainframe and legacy systems must continue to be maintained for certain applications but they are too complex to support rapidly changing requirements. · Client / server has not delivered on its promise for a number of reasons including a lack of robust, scaleable mid-tier systems. · Desktop systems are the input device of choice but are unmanageable and(More)
Structured Transaction Definition Language (STDL) is a standardized, block-structured, high-level language that provides a development environment for writing portable, distributed transactional, and nontransactional applications. It has been mapped to the major TP monitors and is compatible with DCE. STDL's common API for distributed TP provides both(More)
With all the diverse technology in a typical corporate IT environment, it's no surprise that multiple types and formats of security credentials exist, each one designed to protect its respective software system. We can address the problem of handling multiple credential types and formats in a heterogeneous SOA environment by using a data structure designed(More)
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