Eric N. Hansen

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a r t i c l e i n f o This study investigates natural environmental attitude linkages held by strategic decision makers and hypothesizes that the interaction between market orientation and managerial natural environmental attitudes serves to enhance the effect of market orientation on firm innovativeness. Using questionnaire responses from 284 owners or(More)
Leading scientific experts in the field of climate change suggest that a multifaceted response to global warming should include the use of forest carbon offsets (also known as forest sinks). Emerging emissions reduction legislation in the United States (US) accounts for this recommendation by allowing for carbon offsets derived from domestic forestry(More)
Hematology and plasma biochemistry parameters are useful in the assessment and management of threatened and endangered species. Although reference ranges are readily available for many mammalian species, reference ranges for snakes are lacking for most species. We determined hematology and plasma biochemistry reference ranges for giant garter snakes(More)
A new method of optically guided controlled release was experimentally evaluated with liposomes containing a molecular load and gold nanoparticles (NPs). NPs were exposed to short laser pulses to induce transient vapor bubbles around the NPs, plasmonic nanobubbles, in order to disrupt the liposome and eject its molecular contents. The release efficacy was(More)
Innovativeness is a concept that has seen extensive study, yet there remain significant gaps in our understanding of the phenomenon. This is especially true when considering views of practitioners as well as specific industry sectors, such as the forest products industry. The qualitative work described here explores the concept of innovativeness from the(More)
Forest industries and their industrial customers from four European countries were surveyed by interviews to study the environmental emphasis and the role of timber certifi cation in their marketing planning. Most of the Finnish, Swedish, German and British companies have begun to integrate environmental issues in their strategic, structural and functional(More)
The Ile du Grand Connétable nature reserve is a rocky island off the Northern Atlantic coast of South America that hosts a unique population of Magnificent Frigatebirds (Fregata magnificens, Pelecaniformes). A high chick mortality, associated with nodular proliferative lesions, involving featherless areas, such as legs, neck, eyelids, and beak, was recorded(More)
Food processors have seen escalating levels of competition over the past three decades. An underlying objective of this research is to gain a greater understanding of how food companies thrive in the face of this increased competition. This study incorporates market orientation theory (competitor orientation, customer orientation, and interfunctional(More)
Drawing upon the corporate social responsibility literature, we investigate the moderating effects of the natural environment and the stage of an organization’s life cycle on the market orientation to firm innovativeness relationship. Through 229 owners or chief executive officer respondents, our results establish evidence of (1) a positive linkage between(More)
In most developing countries where local community ownership is common, successful forest conservation initiatives must be adapted to engage and train rural communities. Decentralization of decision-making and stewardship by the State is required to maintain forests as a common good with extended benefits to society. Despite a tendency to operate in(More)