Eric Nègre

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Sirolimus and cyclosporine (CsA) prevent acute rejection in man when used as primary therapies in triple drug regimens. Sirolimus does not act via the calcineurin pathway and therefore is not expected to produce the same renal side-effects. This paper presents the pooled 2-year data analysis of renal function parameters from two open-label, randomized,(More)
Poly-l-lysine modified with mannose derivatives, the residual cationic charges of which being neutralized byN-acylation, were synthesized and used as carriers of a macrophage activator (N-acetylmuramyl dipeptide, MDP). The influence of the acylating agent on the targeting efficiency was investigated: a hydrosolubilizing group such as a gluconoyl moiety led(More)
Sugar receptors, or membrane lectins, have been evidenced at the surface of various normal and tumour cells using fluoresceinylated neoglycoproteins (glycosylated bovine serum albumin (BSA]. By flow cytometry we have shown that macrophages bind and internalize mannosylated and 6-phosphomannosylated ligands in acidic compartments. Freshly isolated monocytes(More)
Antileishmanial chemotherapy is hampered by the location of the parasite within the phagolysosome of the macrophage, which restricts the bioavailability of many potentially useful antileishmanial drugs. In this study, the possibility of using antileishmanial drugs targeted to the infected macrophages by means of a chemical linkage to a neutral(More)
The authors report three cases of carcinoma of the thoracic part of the esophagus who had previously undergone gastrectomy. They study, in the absence of a stomach, the possibilities of restoration of digestive continuity after esophagectomy and describe three possibilities: -- mobilisation and use of the remaining gastric stump; --esophageal resection and(More)
Long-term follow up results are analyzed of 10 patients treated by pre-sternal right ileocolic grafts for an esophageal stenosis of a benign nature. Operation in 7 cases had been performed 28 (1 case), 26 (2 cases), 19 (1 case), 16 (1 case), 11 (1 case) and 6 (1 case) years previously. Functional results were generally very satisfactory. Two cologastric(More)
The antiviral drug, 9-(2-phosphonylmethoxyethyl) adenine (PMEA) was linked to a synthetic and neutral polymer bearing mannosyl residues to allow its internalization by macrophages via membrane lectins. PMEA bound to the mannosylated polymer was more efficient in vitro than free PMEA in preventing lysis of human macrophages by herpes virus.