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We have studied the influence of the surface roughness of copper foils on the sheet resistance of graphene sheets grown by chemical vapor deposition. The surface roughness of the copper foils was reproducibly controlled by electropolishing. We have found that the graphene sheet resistance monotonically decreases as the surface roughness of the copper foils(More)
Nanoporous anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) membranes [ 1 ] can directly be used as fi ltration membranes, photonic crystals, [ 2 ] or biosensors. [ 3 ] However they are mainly employed as templates to prepare a large variety of challenging onedimensional functional nanostructures for applications such as optics, [ 4 ] cell imaging, [ 5 ] energy storage, [ 6 , 7(More)
We report a combined grazing incidence x-ray diffraction (GIXD), scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), and density-functional theory (DFT) study which clearly elucidates the atomic structure of the Si nanoribbons grown on the missing-row reconstructed Ag(110) surface. Our study allows us to discriminate between the theoretical models published in the(More)
UNLABELLED We propose a facile and reproducible method, based on ultra thin porous alumina membranes, to produce cm(2) ordered arrays of nano-pores and nano-pillars on any kind of substrates. In particular our method enables the fabrication of conducting polymers nano-structures, such as poly[3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene]:poly[styrene sulfonate] ( PEDOT(More)
Romain Bernard,1 Thomas Leoni,2 Axel Wilson,1 Tony Lelaidier,2 Houda Sahaf,2 Eric Moyen,2 Loı̈c Assaud,2 Lionel Santinacci,2 Frédéric Leroy,2 Fabien Cheynis,2 Alain Ranguis,2 Haik Jamgotchian,2 Conrad Becker,2 Yves Borensztein,1 Margrit Hanbücken,2 Geoffroy Prévot,1,* and Laurence Masson2,† 1CNRS, UMR 7588, Institut des Nanosciences de Paris, F-75005 Paris,(More)
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