Eric Morrison

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BACKGROUND AND DESIGN Patient preferences for health outcomes can be explicitly assessed and expressed in quantitative terms known as utilities. Three standard methods for utility assessment have been used to quantify patient preferences, but these methods have not previously been applied to skin disease. Eighty-seven patients with psoriasis from a tertiary(More)
Evidence-based orthopaedic surgery emphasizes the need to properly appraise the available literature to evaluate the efficacy of therapeutic interventions before accepting them into daily practice. A properly designed and well-conducted randomized controlled trial provides a very high level of evidence on which to guide clinical decisions in orthopaedic(More)
Only 96 out of an estimated 28,000 registerable visually impaired persons, resident in Northern Ireland, currently make use of guide dogs for the blind. Results from this study indicate that guide dog owners represent a young, healthy and highly motivated subgroup of blind persons who have been profoundly visually impaired for prolonged periods of time. The(More)
The provision of the wide variety of support services necessary for patients with multiple handicaps is often poorly coordinated. In this study a group of 108 adults, aged from 19 to 90 years, who suffered from multiple physical handicaps and attended a rehabilitation day care centre, had their visual functions and requirements assessed by a(More)
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