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Anisodamine is a naturally occurring atropine derivative that has been isolated, synthesized and characterized by scientists in the People's Republic of China. Like atropine and scopolamine, anisodamine is a non-specific cholinergic antagonist exhibiting the usual spectrum of pharmacological effects of this drug class. It appears to be less potent and less(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE Sepsis protocols promote aggressive patient management, including invasive procedures. After the provision of point-of-care ultrasonographic markers of volume status and cardiac function, we seek to evaluate changes in emergency physician clinical decisionmaking and physician assessments about the clinical utility of the point-of-care(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE Acute HIV infection is a clinical diagnosis aided by technology. Detecting the highly infectious acute stage of HIV infection is critical to reducing transmission and improving long-term outcomes. The Maricopa Integrated Health System implemented nontargeted, opt-out HIV screening with a fourth-generation antigen/antibody combination HIV(More)
1. THE PHAROS PLATFORM AND DEMO PHAROS [1] is an Integrated Project aimed at building a platform for advanced audiovisual search applications. The Consortium comprises 12 partners from 9 European countries. PHAROS unbundles the functionalities of an audiovisual search engine into an open service-based ecosystem, where content can be submitted to customized(More)
The highly infectious phase of acute human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, defined as the interval between the appearance of HIV RNA in plasma and the detection of HIV-1-specific antibodies, contributes disproportionately to HIV transmission. The current HIV diagnostic algorithm consists of a repeatedly reactive immunoassay (IA), followed by a(More)
In this paper we illustrate the model-driven development approach applied to the user interface of an audiovisual search application, within the European project PHAROS. We show how conceptual modelling can capture the most complex features of an audio-visual Web search portal, which allows users to pose advanced queries over multimedia materials, access(More)
Given the clinical and public health benefits of routine Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) testing in the emergency department (ED) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations, Maricopa Medical Center, as part of Maricopa Integrated Health System, started Test, Educate, Support, and Treat Arizona (TESTAZ) and became the first and,(More)
The integration of optoelectronic devices, such as photoconductive semiconductor switches (PCSS), into existing antenna source architectures for the generation of radio frequency (RF) pulses may yield higher switching speeds and improved power efficiency over conventional switching methods while reducing size/weight. The key enabling technologies for this(More)