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The proper handling of samples to be analyzed by mass spectrometry (MS) can guarantee excellent results and a greater depth of analysis when working in quantitative proteomics. This is critical when trying to assess non-traditional sources such as ear wax, saliva, vitreous humor, aqueous humor, tears, nipple aspirate fluid, breast milk/colostrum,(More)
BACKGROUND The current live vaccinia virus vaccine used in the prevention of smallpox is contraindicated for millions of immune-compromised individuals. Although vaccination with the current smallpox vaccine produces protective immunity, it might result in mild to serious health complications for some vaccinees. Thus, there is a critical need for the(More)
ABQ-48 (3-amino-7-benzylbenzimidazo[3,2-a]quinolinium chloride) and NBQ-48 (3-nitro-7-benzylbenzimidaw[3,2-a] quinolinium chloride) are un-natural alkaloids containing a planar heteroaromatic systems characterized by quaternized nitrogen fused to benzothiazole nucleus. Both compounds are structurally related to naturally occurring substances such as(More)
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