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Iron ions play a central role in ·OH radicals formation and induction of oxidative stress in living organisms. Ironcatalyzed ·OH radical formation degrades deoxyribose to thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBA-RS). This paper analyzes kinetic properties of the Fe(III)-EDTA-catalyzed deoxyribose degradation in the presence of ascorbate. The yield of(More)
This study presents comparisons of ethnic difference in anthropometric characteristics among four peoples, i.e., Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese, in East Asia. Anthropometric data from the four East Asian countries were compared. The means of 33 body dimensions and 31 bodily proportions are presented. Also, 15 segmental proportions are illustrated.(More)
INTRODUCTION Situation awareness (SA) is considered an essential prerequisite for safe flying. If the impact of visual scanning patterns on a pilot's situation awareness could be identified in flight operations, then eye-tracking tools could be integrated with flight simulators to improve training efficiency. METHOD Participating in this research were 18(More)
Detection of an intermediate mass or heavy Higgs boson through its decay into four charged leptons is studied with emphasis on background considerations and detector requirements. Thk intermediate mass Higgs decay via ZZ* is expected to be a difficult mode to observe due to low event rates. In addition, cuts which are needed to reduce the backgrounds reduce(More)